This online help provides you important information for this app, a quickstart guide as well as frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you require more assistance.

About this app


Note: This app only supports unconditional (full) forwarding.

Note: This app configures call forwarding with your provider. Please verify if your plan includes call forwarding!


If you can't find this app in the Play Store, your phone is most likely to old and uses a not supported Android version.


This app requires some permissions to work properly. Since privacy and security is very important to us, please let us explain why we need them.

Quickstart guide

  1. Open the app (the name is "Easy Call Forwarding")
  2. If you are using a phone with Android Marshmallow or newer, the app will ask you to grant the required permissions on the first start.
  3. On the main screen, you will find a card for each SIM card installed.
  4. Click the "configure" button on the card you would like to configure.
  5. Chose your phone provider. If you are located in Europe, chose "Most GSM providers (Europe)". If your provider is not in the list, please also try this option.
  6. Enter the destination number to forward the calls to and tap on save.
  7. To activate or deactivate call forwarding, tap the switch on the card.
  8. Add a widget to your home screen to make it even simpler for you.


My provider is not listed on the configuration screen!

Please choose "Most GSM providers (Europe)", since this is the standard for most providers. If that does not work, please search online or contact your provider for the call forwarding codes. Then add your own provider on the provider screen.

Call forwarding does not work!

Please check if you have chosen the correct provider on the configuration screen. If it still does not work, your provider might not support call forwarding. Please contact us if you experience more issues.

I have a dual sim phone and I always need to chose the SIM card when I toggle call forwarding via the app!

Unfortunately dual sim functionality is not standardized in Android, each manufacturer is implementing their own functionality. The app tries to support as many phones as possible, so please let us know which phone you are using and we will check if we can do something about it.

Currently not working:

I can't disable call forwarding anymore!

If disabling doesn't work, please check if you have chosen the correct provider. If you still receive an error (for example invalid GSM code), you can also disable call forwarding in Android directly.

There are also a lot of videos on YouTube which show you how to do it.

Does this app add any notifications?

Not by default, you can activate the notification in the settings. The notification is only required if you are using Android O or newer and you don't manage your call forwarding settings exclusively with this app. The notification will also allow you to toggle the forwarding settings directly from the notification.

The widgets do not update after I've changed my forwarding settings!

This happens on some phones with very aggressive battery saving settings and the most recent Android versions. The app with the widgets is simply shut down to save battery before it is able to notice the changes. You can work around that by enabling the permanent notification in the settings.

My trial has ended but I can't purchase the full version.

The purchase processing is done by Google Play. Did you purchase any other content before? If not, purchasing with Google Play might not be available in your country. Otherwise, please contact us so we can investigate the problem.

Something else is not working!

Please contact us so we can help you! Please give us the possibility to resolve your problem first before giving the app a bad rating.


If something is not working, feel free to contact us.